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订课流程  Booking Process

Ski Lift


1. 预订课程

2. 信用卡网上付款​

3. 签署免责协议 协议全季有效,签署一次即可。

4. 核对订课时间及内容

5. 如果您直接订了教练的时段,那你的预订就确定了,您预订的教练会联系您确定碰头地点。

如果您订的是Booking Coordinator, 客服会安排教练然后跟您联系。

6. 购买缆车票及租赁雪具

7. 提早一到一个半小时到达雪场拿雪票及准备雪具。提前10分钟到达碰头地点

8. 课程取消及改期规定

Booking Process

1. Request to book class.

2. Make payment online directly.

3. Sign Club Waiver before class.

4. Verify Class details.

5. If you booked with instructors directly, you are all set and your instructor will contact you to set up meeting point.

If you booked with a booking coordinator, customer service will make arrangement and confirm the booking with you. 

6. Purchase lift ticket, Reserve Rental equipment if needed.

7. Go to Ski Resort 1-1.5 hours in advance, and arrive at meeting point 10 minutes before the class. 

​8. Class cancellation and reschedule policies.

Ski Resort
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