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Ski levels in Verbier

Every ski school has its own system to assess the skier’s and snowboarder’s level, in order to place them in the best-suited group lesson or decide which areas to focus on during a private lesson. Your instructor will perform a level assessment before starting your lesson to ensure that you’ve been assigned to the right group.

Which snowboard or ski level are you?
There are four basic skiing and snowboarding levels that can be applied to both adults and kids, usually divided into more specific sub-levels. Different ski schools will give them different names but these are the basics:

Snowboard & Ski Lesson Levels


BeginnerFirst-timerYou’ve never skied or snowboarded before or have spent less than a week on dry slopes

GreenSkiers: you can do the snowplough
Boarders: you can side slip and do the falling leaf

Green → BlueSkiers: you can do snowplough turns
Boarders: you can do basic C-shaped turns

IntermediateBlueSkiers: you can link turns at moderate speed on green and blue runs and are starting to master parallel turns
Boarders: you can do S-shaped turns

Blue → RedYou’re confident going down blue runs

AdvancedRedYou ski red runs in control. Very good turns

Red → BlackYou can ski black runs and moguls in control and are starting to venture off-piste and ski all kinds of snow, from bumps to powder

ExpertAll MountainYou can ski on and off-piste confidently and in control, regardless of the snow quality, and can hit almost any feature in the snow park

Freeride/Park/RaceYou want to improve certain specific skills or want to start racing or instructor training

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